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11 Capital Finance, LLC

We are a funding conduit that works with 110 lenders, 20,000 private investors, and 30 family offices to provide funding for all commercial and investment property types (including 1-4 unit). We provide permanent financing/refinancing including bank and SBA loans. We also provide temporary financing including rehab, fix and flip, bridge, wholesale, and construction.

Contact: Ryan O'Mara
Phone Number: 877-957-4357 x 735


Gallic & Johnson Financial

Gallic & Johnson Financial is committed to providing loan solutions for borrowers who need private financing. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on successful fundings. Unlike conventional lenders, we can think outside the box to tailor a loan that suits the needs of the borrower and the requirements of our investors. We make the process of securing private financing simple and straightforward with quick approvals and closings.


IRC Enterprises

A Real Estate Concierge Service Company

IRC Enterprises is a conglomerate of entities designed to service investors and homeowners with comprehensive real estate services.  From acquisitions to retail sales - and all services in between - IRC is poised to address any need.  We have brought on some of the industry’s most innovative and talented team members to ensure a quality of customer service that is unsurpassed!

IRC's services offered consist of property management, construction/rehab for fix-n-flip or rental, retail sales repair addendum, and rental property maintenance.  Other services include traditional real estate listings, home staging, project management, and investment property and wholesale acquisitions.  As you see, we are an investor's dream!  A true property investor's concierge service for all of your investment property needs!

Landlord Reference

The success of a landlord’s business is highly dependent upon the risks associated with their tenants.
There are four data sources used in today’s application review process.  Three data sources are easily and affordably accessible. These include an applicant’s:  1. Credit Reports, 2. Criminal Reports, and 3. Eviction Reports. While this information may be beneficial, it lacks very important, predictive data.

Credit Reports contain no information about rent payment history or a renter’s tenancy. The ability to use Criminal History is changing.  Eviction Reports only contain information about evictions that complete the entire court process to final judgement.

The 4th component of the application review process, the Landlord Reference, is the most revealing and predictive, but also the most difficult to access and trust. Landlord references are not available online, can take 3-5 days to gather, and the names and telephone numbers used to gather them are provided by the applicants themselves. Renters often fail to list addresses where they had problems, and frequently provide a friend’s or family member’s telephone number as that of their actual former landlord.

Solution: is a secure, online platform to aggregate renters’ validated landlord references for easy, fast and affordable review during the application review process.

  1. Reduces Operating Costs:  Drives better renter performance by enabling landlords to create and populate a “renter report card” during each tenant’s lease.  Allows landlords to reliably delegate the time consuming process of gathering landlord references for applicants. Eliminates the time and money required for landlords to repeatedly provide references for past tenants.
  2. Decreases Vacancies: Reduces leasing decision time from 3-5 days to minutes.
  3. Improves Reliability of Former Landlord’s References:  Minimizes landlords’ legal liability, allowing them to safely provide honest feedback.  Enables renters to review and challenge their Landlord Reference if inaccurate – like they can with their credit report.


We are a team of expert designers with an impressive culmination of success. We've staged thousands of properties, alleviating stress for our clients, allowing them to focus on other pressing facets of selling their home.

We provide each client with a unique and complementary floor-plan that showcases the features and benefits of their home, leaving buyers excited and eager to make an offer.

Before a house goes on the market, it's important to understand that each real estate transaction is a complicated mechanism, comprised of a series of moving parts that depend on timing, luck and strategy. 

Peregrine Private Capital

Peregrine Capital Management is best described as a boutique equity firm. Since 1984, our sole mission has been to provide a limited institutional client base style integrity, superior returns and outstanding client service. We manage three specialty investment styles: Large Cap Growth, Small Cap Growth, and Small Cap Value.

Like our namesake, the Peregrine falcon, Peregrine Capital Management succeeds by employing patience, insight, and the ability to take decisive action. The stability of our professionals, and our unwavering adherence to our investment styles and disciplines allows our clients to benefit from a culture that offers continuity and focus.

At Peregrine, we take great pride in our approach. For over three decades, we have remained true to our core beliefs and to the clients who have embraced them.

Rain City Capital

Rain City takes a different approach to hard money lending – we put the interest of our borrowers first, and prioritize smart decision-making for the long term. Since 2009, we have funded over $400 Million in loans for rehabs, short sales, escrow and auction purchases, in over 3000 transactions. We partner closely with each of our borrowers to ensure success.

Secure Holdings

If you’ve inherited a home, are tired of managing property or suddenly need to sell, we can help. We will make this a simple process and make sure you receive a fair offer for your home, as is.

Selling a home or multi-plex can often be a life changing occasion and an opportunity to change life for the better. We can offer you a fair price for your home or investment property and free you from the hassles of dealing with tenants or preparing to sell.

Quest IRA

Quest IRA administers IRAs for the purpose of investing in “alternative” investments, including real estate, notes, oil and gas, and private placements, just to name a few of the almost endless investment possibilities. All of the accounts offered at Quest IRA are self-directed.  This means you get to make the decisions, and our staff will provide expert account administration and transaction support services.

We like to say our best clients are our most educated clients.  So in an effort to help you make the best investment decisions, we offer several educational weekly classes in our offices and online. In addition, each month Quest holds many presentations, workshops, and seminars across the U.S. to educate people and allow for excellent networking opportunities.

Veristone Mortgage 

Veristone Mortgage is the #1 lender for investment properties in the Northwest! With us, you become a CASH BUYER in this crazy market. We have exotic loan products that save you money, and our service is unbeatable. If your deal CAN get done, it WILL get done.

Veristone funds quickly and safely, through escrow and auction. We fund fix & flips, rentals, cash out refinancing, bridge loans, 100% financing on new construction, and auction purchases. Don’t hesitate to call for any questions.