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Pre/Post Foreclosure and Legal Discussion

with... Dick Uffelman

This meeting is held the fourth Tuesday of each month at Round Table Pizza: 10070 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR. Richard Uffelman, attorney at law, moderates. Order your food in the front, get your number, proceed to the back room and grab your seat.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Round Table Pizza PORTLAND
10070 SW Barbur Blvd.
Portland, OR 97219

Northwest REIA
Pre & Post Foreclosure and Discussion
Tuesday, July 23 ~ 6:30 pm

Oregon Securities Law
Moderator: Dick Uffelman - Attorney
Guest Speaker: Lauren E. Winters - Attorney and Senior Policy Analyst with the State of Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Division of Financial Regulation

IF YOU CAN’T ANSWER 90% OF THE QUESTIONS BELOW ACCURATELY, YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS SEMINAR – And, if you can answer 90% of the questions correctly, you could still end up being sued . . .   

  • What is a security?
  • Do I need a license to sell securities in Oregon?
  • I am thinking about having 2 or 3 investors pool their money with me so I can buy one or more properties in pre-foreclosure, flip them, return the investment plus a handsome profit to the investors and keep a large share for myself.  Is that legal?  Do I need a special license?
  • There are several people I have met whose money is sitting in a savings account at 1%.  I know I can make a better return for them by placing it in mortgages or other investments.  Naturally, I would like a fee for my trouble.  Can I do that?  Do I need a special license?
  • I would like to buy an apartment complex and I have a good deal lined up.  I do not have enough money to swing it myself.  If I bring in a couple of other investors who will make the same percentage of profit that I will, is that ok? 
  • Instead of bringing in a bunch of investors for my deal, can I put in an ad in the paper that says, “I will guarantee a 15% return on your money if you loan it to me for 12 months”? 
  • I want to open a yogurt shop and I need three investors with $100,000 each to become members of my LLC and share in the profits based on the ratio of our capital accounts. Can I put an ad in the Oregonian?
  • I have a big enough deal that I need about $600,000 to make it fly.  Can I borrow $50,000 each from 12 investors?
  • When (if ever) do I need state approval or a license to offer investment opportunities to a third party with the expectation of profit?
  • What is a Ponzi scheme?
  • I advertise on the internet to have investors pool their money with me to buy real estate backed notes from out of state parties. Do I need a securities license or a registration of the investment with the Oregon Securities Division?
  • I am a private lender.  Is there anything in ORS Chapter 86A or ORS Chapter 59, which limits my right to loan money to investors?
  • I am going to borrow money from a hard money lender to purchase a residential property on the courthouse steps without the intervention of a licensed loan originator? Is that legal?
  • For purposes of regulation by The Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, is a single-family dwelling subject to the provisions of ORS Chapter 86A if it has never been owner occupied?
  • I intend to sell two houses at the same time to separate purchasers and do owner carry backs for the financing of each. One has been my primary residence.  I have always used the other as a rental. Is there any difference in the way I must handle the two properties?
  • Would the answer to the previous question be different if I am known in the community as a hard money lender?
  • What or who is an accredited investor?
  • What is the SAFE act? If I violate it in Oregon, what is the penalty?
  • Does the SAFE act apply to land sale contracts or just to mortgages and trust deeds?
  • I want to borrow money from a hard moneylender to buy a six-plex on the courthouse steps. Do we need a licensed mortgage loan originator?
  • I want to sell property and do an owner’s carry back on a duplex. Is it true that I need to hire a licensed mortgage loan originator to negotiate the terms?
    • Does it matter whether I ever lived in the property?
    • Does it matter if the purchaser has an attorney?
    • What if the property is a 5-plex?

A special feature will be an update on bills in the Oregon Legislature which will affect real estate investors.


Come early, buy dinner and bring it into the seminar room.
Location: Round Table Pizza
                 10070 SW Barbur Blvd
                 Portland, OR 97219

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Date:  Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Time:  6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Round Table Pizza PORTLAND
10070 SW Barbur Blvd.
Portland, OR 97219

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